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While most alpaca babies are born at 15-20 pounds, Cody entered the world weighing a mere 6 1/2 pounds.  Small & weak, Cody struggled to survive. Overcoming illness & injury, Cody has become a healthy, happy baby alpaca. 


After perservering through her struggles, Cody authored her first children's book, Cody, The Teeny Tiny Alpaca, with a strong message to kids that it is ok to be unique & that we can celebrate our differences.  Cody hopes this message might help arm children as they face self-doubts, judgement & even bullying in their everyday lives. 


Cody's joyful antics have won hearts across the country & all over the world with thousands of loyal fans cheering her on. 


Cody has been seen on Colorado's Daybreak, The Now Denver, Colorado's Best, Alpacas Magazine, Alpaca World Magazine, The Denver Post, The Elbert County Press & The Douglas County News.  Visit Amber, Cody & all their friends at:

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